I got a panic during a `pulumi up`: the GitHub wor...
# pulumi-cloud
I got a panic during a `pulumi up`: the GitHub workflow has finished correctly (reporting failure 👍 ) but the Pulumi app thinks it's still in progress. And
pulumi cancel
is producing bad mojo:
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4:10 $ pulumi cancel
This will irreversibly cancel the currently running update for 'dev'!
Please confirm that this is what you'd like to do by typing ("dev"): dev
warning: A new version of Pulumi is available. To upgrade from version '3.34.0' to '3.37.1', visit <https://pulumi.com/docs/reference/install/> for manual instructions and release notes.
error: [409] Conflict: The Update has already timed out
14:10 $ pulumi stack ls
myorg/dev*        in progress  9               ...
Any suggestions on how to really really cancel this? And maybe some hints on where to start looking for errors like this:
stderr: panic: fatal: An assertion has failed: cannot read an archive that has no contents