Is there somewhere to look to discover why a pulum...
# pulumi-cloud
Is there somewhere to look to discover why a pulumi preview failed? The diagnostic logs of the preview run itself in the service ends with the
dotnet build
completing successfully, then... nothing until it failed at the 10 minute mark (I assume this is a service timeout). It would be good to discern whether it's a problem we can control or something awry with the pulumi service
are you using aws temp credentials? you can do verbose logging with
pulumi up --logtostderror --v=9
Yes, 90% of the time if preview sits forever and then gives no useful message, it's a credentials issue.
the exact same task that was repeatedly failing yesterday is now working this morning, so was just a transient issue. My bet is it was related to the GitHub outage yesterday (it was via a github pr and github actions) thanks for the help though! :)