Hi and first message from me. We are looking into ...
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Hi and first message from me. We are looking into IaC and that's why I'm here now :-) We have three environments - QA, Stage and Production and an Azure setup for each of them. Today or TeamCity starts a new build workflow, unit tests, etc. All triggered by a commit to GitHub and TeamCity creates NuGet packages and deploys to our eight app services through Octopus deploy In this workflow I would like to introduce IaC and destroy / recreate "everything" in Azure every time we deploy to Azure. I would like to to this: - Create a new database from and apply a bunch of SQL scripts and insert misc. records into tables to have the same starting point each time. - Create a resource group - Create service plans, app services - Add access restrictions, etc. Is all the above possible with Pulumi and can we continue to use TeamCity / Octopus to reach this goal? If yes, then I will create a POC to convince my boss to invest in this project 😀
Hey Brian! This is definitely possible yes. There are a few caveats which I'll expand upon once I'm fully online, but ultimately all the things you've described are possible
Sounds great, good to hear. Thanks 🙂