Hello, Any idea to deal with this error `error: co...
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Hello, Any idea to deal with this error
error: could not deserialize deployment: snapshot integrity failure
Hi Bryan, do you have any more information? Usually when we print those kinds of errors there'll be information indicating that e.g. some resource comes before a dependency or the like.
Well, I was trying to add a lambda to a cloudwatch alarmActions, but the function was not created, don't know why and my pulumi automation commandline crash with this error
error: could not deserialize deployment: snapshot integrity failure; refusing to use it: resource urn:pulumi:xxxxx...:aws:cloudwatch/metricAlarm:MetricAlarm::alarm-xxx 's dependency urn:pulumi:stack::project::aws:lambda/function:Function::xxxx-function refers to missing resource
Is it something you can reproduce/is there enough to file an issue? Snapshot integrity is something Pulumi should never violate, so it is almost certainly worth us taking a look at this one. That said, questions I have: • What version of Pulumi (the CLI) are you using (
pulumi version
will show this) • Are you running a targeted update? E.g.
pulumi up -t some-targets
I used Automation API in my case, and it was in a Dev environment, so no panic ;)
Hm. It would still be good to know what version of Pulumi is being used -- under the hood, Automation API is still invoking the CLI at a specific version. It'll be whatever is on your path, so
pulumi version
would still be useful. And if you are using Automation API then, are you passing
as part of the options to
Pulumi version: 3.118.0
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const stack = await LocalWorkspace.createOrSelectStack({
        program: this.createPulumiProgram(args),
      await stack.setConfig('aws:region', { value: aws_region });
      await stack.preview({ onOutput: <http://console.info|console.info>, diff: true,  });
      const upRes = await stack.up({ onOutput: <http://console.info|console.info>, diff: true });