Hello there, That's maybe not related to aws modul...
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Hello there, That's maybe not related to aws module specifically, but if I update a task definition in ecs outside of pulumi (using aws cli, mainly changing a container definition image tag), doing a
pulumi refresh
does not detect the change and it still wants to update something that is already existing. Same problem with the taskDefinition of a service, it does not detect the version has changed with a
and it shows an outdated diff when doing an
Is there a way to make it aware of the changes and avoid an unecessary deployment of the service/tasks ? (I know we could easily do it with Pulumi Deployment, but we don't want to switch to pulumi Enterprise tier yet)
Hi Richard. What version (
pulumi version
pulumi about
) are you using? We recently (literally last week) released some changes to
diffs to try and bring them in line with what people typically expect -- if you are on an older version I'd be keen to see if upgrading helps.
Hey @lively-crayon-44649 Thanks for the quick reply. I'm indeed a little bit behind :
I'm right on time for this then ! I'll try the last version right away and will let you know
@lively-crayon-44649 unfortunately, that does not fix the issue. pulumi still not refresh the resources and want to update 😓 version
and aws module
up to date.
Also, but totally not related, I don't see a way to show secrets in the preview diff so that I can actually know precisely what's different. there is a
flag that actually does not work. I'm even having secrets showing up where there's none (for instance a basic checksum value as trigger condition of a
that is definitely not cast as secret is displayed in the output as secret)
Hi Richard -- just to double check, your CLI is on version 3.121.0 (and not just your SDK libraries such as
if you are using NodeJS or
if you are using Python)? Because it's the CLI that will determine the refresh behaviour in this case. If you have updated the CLI and you are still seeing the issue, it might be worth filing an issue against
if you have a reproduction.
Hey @lively-crayon-44649 Yes the CLI and the SDK have been updated (I'm using typescript flavor). I'm thinking I could need to do a full refresh with this new version to have the right behavior next time maybe ? I will try but if that's still happening, are you thinking that's related to the specific aws module then ? (can't really give it a try elsewhere)
It could be a general engine issue, but it's not uncommon for providers (in this case AWS) to have specific issues also. I'd be inclined to start there and if it is a general engine issue it'll find its way to the
GH repository.