Any ideas how to create a Cloud SQL PostgreSQL ins...
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Any ideas how to create a Cloud SQL PostgreSQL instance with a database of a custom collation strictly through Pulumi?
One cannot set the
collation to anything else than default and then
creation fails since it is "is incompatible with the collation of the template database (en_US.UTF8)."
Any tips and tricks would be appreciated
I've been banging my head to the wall with this seemingly simple problem but it looks like GCP Cloud SQL PostgreSQL just simply does not support other collates than en_US.utf8 unless you go in via psql and create the database there manually
But this is definitely not what I want to do, I want to control everything via Pulumi and IaC
And I don't want to expose my database to the public internet either
I must not be the first person to fight with this problem? How have people solved this?
Been googling around and it seems this is simply not possible without using a direct SQL query
Guess I'll just have to do this via kubernetes sidecar container execution