Hello folks, I’m struggling with the confluent clo...
# google-cloud
Hello folks, I’m struggling with the confluent cloud API, that we’re using to create a Kafka related resources (topics, SA, api keys, and what not). We have properly configured the GCP Marketplace integration, and I’m acting on the confluent platform as a member of my organization, but can’t manage to create a kafka topic. Any ideas what’s failing?
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const topic = new KafkaTopic(
    topicName: args.name,
    kafkaCluster: { id: cluster.id },
    restEndpoint: cluster.restEndpoint,
    credentials: {
      key: clusterSA.apiKey.name,
      secret: clusterSA.apiKey.secret,
 { parent: this }

   Type                                    Name                    Status                  Info
     pulumi:pulumi:Stack                     confluent-test          **failed**              1 error; 2 messages
     └─ nesto:kafka                          test                                            
 +      ├─ confluentcloud:index:KafkaTopic   test                    **creating failed**     1 error
 +      └─ confluentcloud:index:RoleBinding  test-environment-admin  **creating failed**     1 error
  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (confluent-test):
    2022/08/17 08:19:24 [DEBUG] POST <https://pkc-41voz>.<region>.gcp.confluent.cloud:443/kafka/v3/clusters/<cluster-id>/topics
    error: update failed
  confluentcloud:index:KafkaTopic (test):
    error: 1 error occurred:
        * error creating Kafka Topic: 401 Unauthorized: Unauthorized
I also tried it creating a Provider resource, then passing the latter as
. Didn’t work either. Any insights will be greatly appreciated. Have a nice day,