Does pulumi provider AWSNative internally use CDK ...
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Does pulumi provider AWSNative internally use CDK or Cloudformation. if yes, does AWS Classic uses what.. How performant is Native compared to classic
• AWS Classic is a bridged provider from the upstream Terraform provider • AWS Native is a Pulumi provider generated from the AWS CloudControl API specifications. AWS Cloud Control API is a new set of Amazon APIs which unify the way resources are defined for all AWS services. Nowhere do we use AWS CDK or CloudFormation.
However, you can use the AWS CDK construct directly into your Pulumi AWS program. See this blog post for more information:
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Worth mentioning the resource coverage of AWS Native is less than what's supported by Classic.
@millions-furniture-75402 you are right, but that is more on AWS than on us. Hashicorp has the same situation for their AWS Cloud Control provider not having the same coverage for the current aws provider.
For sure, I wasn't trying to cast blame
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AWS Native is less than what's supported by Classic.
Hope this is the case now, however in future, this may change as I expect Native Providers would be more focus due to speed.
upstream Terraform provider
Not sure if this relevant in this forum, just curious to know if this terraform provider internally uses CDK or cloudformation
@gentle-market-22852 no it doesn’t. It talks to the Amazon HTTP API directly.
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If the company you work for has an AWS Sales Rep, feel free to inform that person of your need for a more complete Cloud Control API. The more people ask, the more focus this will get (usually).
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@limited-rainbow-51650 looks like AWS has their own ways to scale on the name of flexibility but no one right solution... 1. HTTP API 2. REST API 3. Cloudformation 4. CDK 5. Cloudcontrol API