Does pulumi destroy does it do good job of clean-u...
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Does pulumi destroy does it do good job of clean-up if some of the resources are freed manually from aws console.. ๐Ÿ™‚ if yes, how does it handle, if no, what is the workaround to do cleanup with pulumi destroy
Each resource has a
function and Pulumi keeps track of the dependencies between resources.
pulumi destroy
should bring down every resource that was created with
pulumi up
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delete state from 20 min.. nothing happening..
@gentle-market-22852 is there any dependency between the SecurityGroup and the Subnets?
You still have an ENI (elastic network interface) attached to the security group and the subnets you wanted to delete. As long as resources are in use, you canโ€™t delete these. Did you completely delete the EKS cluster first which created those ENIs?
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Thank You, deleted the EC2 instance and forgot about EKS clusters as they were not visible in dashboard. Thank you now everything works fine. Actually I messed up with pulumi during its destory with ctrl+c and then added to it I manually terminated ec2 instance of eks