08/23/2022, 6:03 AM
warning: A new version of Pulumi is available. To upgrade from version '3.37.2' to '3.38.0', visit for manual instructions and release notes.
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> winget search pulumi
Name Id Version Source
Pulumi Pulumi.Pulumi 3.37.2 winget
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😒ad-panda: when will the new release be pushed to winget?
At least it was in chocolatey. However, winget is now the default package manager in Windows so that should take priority
Since it comes shipped with Windows


08/23/2022, 7:14 AM
Looks like the third-party github action we we're using for winget publishing decided on a large rewrite in the time between the last release and 3.38. They don't published to tags so we can't pin to a working version. I've raised to revert back to our original publishing code, and we should then be able to trigger the 3.38.0 publishing.
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