Hi everyone, I am setting up some auto-deployments...
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Hi everyone, I am setting up some auto-deployments to azure, I have most of it figured out, but I need to set a property in my SQL Server and I can't find out how (pic attached). I need to set "Networking -> Exceptions: Allow Azure Services and Resources to access this server" to "true".
Its pretty difficult to find some of these options as it relates to what in the CSP's api etc. Especially for native provider i Pulumi BUT i think waht you are looking fir is this :
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// the following firewall rule sets "Allow Azure services and resources to access this server" = Yes
        var sqlFwRuleAllowAll = new Sql.FirewallRule("sqlFwRuleAllowAll", new Sql.FirewallRuleArgs
            EndIpAddress = "",
            FirewallRuleName = "AllowAllWindowsAzureIps", // required
            ResourceGroupName = resourceGroupName,
            ServerName = autobotsSqlServer.Name,
            StartIpAddress = "",
amazing, thank you!