Hey y'all, I'm working on creating a Component Pro...
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Hey y'all, I'm working on creating a Component Provider so that we can provide some opinionated wrappers to things such as S3 buckets, etc. I see that I have to create a
. There was a note on a page somewhere (that I can no longer find) that mentions you can autogenerate this file. With what will end up being ~100 components that we'll end up creating, it feels like this is very error-prone / toil to manage this file by hand. Is it possible to autogenerate this file? Are there any examples?
We're building these out in Golang and I can see that some modules have tags on the fields of structs such as
but this isn't documented anywhere.
I would be floored if people are going in and updating these >3000 line files by hand.
After reading more, I think people actually do. I hope someone knows something better than I do.
So most of our schemas are auto-generated from other data sources. E.g. the azure rest api specs. We don't currently have anything to go from code to schema, but we have been looking into supporting it for Go at least.