Has any used cloudtrail with ses notifications for...
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Has any used cloudtrail with ses notifications for sending any changes made to aws account
Cloudtrail and SNS monitoring account events? Yes I have. Anything specific you're looking to monitor and/or what questions you have?
Hello Brandon , im looking to send notification for all changes taking place in the company"s AWS account
any change whatsoever? you’ll have to look into which eventbridge rule works for that (maybe something like
like a wildcard.
this is how i’ve done that in the past, not sure if it exactly fits what you need to do, but maybe can give you a start
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const testEmail = '<mailto:test@gmail.com|test@gmail.com>';
const cloudWatchLogGroup = new aws.cloudwatch.LogGroup("cloudWatchLogGroup", {
    retentionInDays: 0, // never expire
const testTopic = new aws.sns.Topic("testTopic", {
  displayName: "test Alarm",
const testTopicSubscription = new aws.sns.TopicSubscription("testTopicSubscription", {
  endpoint: testEmail,
  protocol: "email",
  topic: testTopic.id,
const testMetricFilter = new aws.cloudwatch.LogMetricFilter("testMetricFilter", {
  pattern: `{($.eventName=ConsoleLogin) && ($.errorMessage="Failed authentication")}`,
  logGroupName: cloudWatchLogGroup.name,
    name: "AWS Test Change Metric",
    namespace: "Test/TestMetrics",
    value: "1",
const testAlarm = new aws.cloudwatch.MetricAlarm("testAlarm", {
  name: "Test Metric Alarm",
  comparisonOperator: "GreaterThanOrEqualToThreshold",
  evaluationPeriods: 1,
  metricName: testMetricFilter.metricTransformation.name,
  namespace: testMetricFilter.metricTransformation.namespace,
  period: 5 * 60,
  statistic: "Average",
  threshold: 1,
  treatMissingData: "missing",
  alarmActions: [testTopic.arn],
  alarmDescription: "Monitoring Test Alarm",