iagnostics: kubernetes:apps/v1:Deployment (gitl...
# kubernetes
iagnostics: kubernetesapps/v1Deployment (gitlab-runner): error: resource prd126/gitlab-runner-8cyi9fr7 was not successfully created by the Kubernetes API server : Could not create watcher for PersistentVolumeClaims objects associated with Deployment "gitlab-runner-8cyi9fr7": Get "https://k8s.nonprod9.us-east-1.tktm.io:443/api/v1/namespaces/prd126/persistentvolumeclaims?watch=true": unexpected EOF Any idea of what can cause this?
Hmm we have heard of scenarios where the PVC await blocks for a long time but this is interesting. Any chance you have an RBAC rule disallowing watches? You could also consider adding a
<http://pulumi.com/skipAwait|pulumi.com/skipAwait>: "true"
annotation to the PVC to see if that works around things.
It seems that we don't. I'm looking tomorrow to see if
@sparse-park-68967 What’s weird is that we are not creating any
but pulumi is wathcing one 🤔
interesting. Can you open an issue with the details?