How can I install the Pulumi executable to be acce...
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How can I install the Pulumi executable to be accessible for all users on Windows Server? Trying to get things running in CI and that's a roadblock.
Hello @better-agent-38563, if you use the MSI installer, isn’t that a system-wide installation?
Apparently not, since that's what I tried. I'll do some searching to see where the files went. Maybe it's just a path problem for the CI user?
If your account doesn’t have
rights, it might be worth a try to run the installer using the
Run as
option and fill in the user details of the Administrator account.
MSI installed it in "Program Files(x86)" and when I explicitly set the path to it when I run it, it works, so I suspect it's just the path for the CI user that has not been updated yet. I think I'm okay for now. Thanks for the input.
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