I've been getting a number of errors similar to th...
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I've been getting a number of errors similar to this:
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aws-native:ecs:TaskDefinition (winnie-web-task-staging):
    error: operation error CloudControl: UpdateResource, https response error StatusCode: 400, RequestID: 45ff56cc-8cce-4eac-9ca3-2be60468d69b, NotUpdatableException: Invalid patch update: createOnlyProperties [/properties/TaskRoleArn] cannot be updated
Isn't this what pulumi is supposed to handle for me - creating a new resource and switching everything over to it?
is this a bug in the native provider that I should file, and then switch over to classic for this?
Can you show the code mate?
in this case it was adding line 33 here:
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16 task_definition = ecs.TaskDefinition(
17     resource_name='winnie-web-task-{}'.format(pulumi.get_stack()),
18     requires_compatibilities=['FARGATE'],
19     cpu='1024',
20     memory='2048',
21     container_definitions=[
22         ecs.TaskDefinitionContainerDefinitionArgs(
23             name='nginx',
24             image='<http://755158074228.dkr.ecr.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/winnie-nginx:1.0.4|755158074228.dkr.ecr.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/winnie-nginx:1.0.4>',
25             essential=True,
26         ),
27     ],
28     network_mode='awsvpc',
29     runtime_platform=ecs.TaskDefinitionRuntimePlatformArgs(
30         operating_system_family='Linux',
31     ),
32     execution_role_arn='arn:aws:iam::755158074228:role/ecsTaskExecutionRole',
33     task_role_arn='arn:aws:iam::755158074228:role/winnie-web',
34 )
but I've been encountering a number of similar errors the last day, where I add or remove or change a field in something, pulumi attempts to update it, and aws returns an api error
so the question is more to the general rather than this specific circumstance
(I wrote my first pulumi code yesterday, so it's also entirely possible I'm just doing something very wrong here)
That is probably a bug in AWS Native. I'd suggest filing a GH issue. Just make sure you have a minimal but complete example to make it easy for our engineers to repro: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-aws-native/issues
Thanks, will do. (Sorry, got deathly sick last week and am just getting back to work again)
No worries! Feel better and we greatly appreciate your feedback!