Hi, I've been having some pulumi issues on my Macb...
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Hi, I've been having some pulumi issues on my Macbook M1. After some extensive googling still haven't found the issue. Does anyone here know a solution by any chance?
Hi Rick! For darwin arm64 they have been compiled only for recent versions of the AWS provider.
I noticed, took a while but I figured it out. Needed to export the stack adjust resource versions to a more recent one, and then proceed to import them again. thanks for reaching out though! :D
As far I can see, v2.9.1 has been released before the M1 release! This means you have to use a modern version.
Before you can run successfully on an M1, use an Intel based machine to upgrade the provider to a version that has the binaries for
. Run
pulumi up
once from the Intel based machine. After that, you should be able to work correctly from your M1 as well.