Besides creating another kubernete provider, is th...
# kubernetes
Besides creating another kubernete provider, is there a way to set a default namespace when you are applying a bunch of yaml via yaml.NewConfigFile(…) ?
Without a namespace set it installs all of the resources into “default”, which in this case I don’t want. I don’t think I can use Transformations either since the issue is that a namespace on most of the resources isn’t defined.
Can you not do a conditional transformation if the resource arguments contains namespace?
I think you can inspect the resource options when performing a transformation
Yeah if they had a namespace set on the ones that I want to change than a transform would work, but none of the resources have one and there are cluster resources mixed in so just adding it to all is not going to work. In any case I just went ahead and created a separate provider with that namespace to get it going. I think it might be nice addition to the NewConfigFile to allow for a Namespace field