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09/26/2022, 7:42 PM
Hi, We have an existing azure container registry in different subscription (sub1) and we try to add this registry when create an azure container app in different subscription (sub2)
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var containerApp= new ContainerApp(appName, new ContainerAppArgs
                Configuration = new ConfigurationArgs
                    Dapr = new DaprArgs
                     AppPort = 80,
                     AppProtocol = "http",
                     Enabled = true,
                    Ingress = new IngressArgs
                        External = false,
                        TargetPort = 80
                    Secrets = new InputList<SecretArgs>
                        new SecretArgs { Name = "registry-password", Value = "testpassword"}
                    Registries = new InputList<RegistryCredentialsArgs>   // From other subscription
                        new RegistryCredentialsArgs
                            Server ="<|>",
                            Username = "testacr",
                            PasswordSecretRef = "registry-password"
but get ERROR: The resource with name 'testacr' and type 'Microsoft.ContainerRegistry/registries' could not be found in subscription 'sub2'. In workaround I have tried following CLI command to add registry from other subscription to container app and it works az containerapp registry set -n MyContainerapp -g MyResourceGroup --server --username MyRegistryUsername --password MyRegistryPassword Do we have any similar workaround in Pulumi?


09/26/2022, 7:45 PM
Have you seen the Provider resource option It lets you set up a non-default default provider that’s using a different subscription and then just tell some resources to use that.


09/27/2022, 1:43 PM
Strange. We are doing exactly the same and have no issues with the ContainerApp seeing the CR and being able to pull the image. We don't have it configured to use a different provider either. What Azure method are you authenticating with? AAD user or Service principal?