I'm seeing an issue with deploying changes to an a...
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I'm seeing an issue with deploying changes to an already running App Service, and the application files being completed wiped post deploy. Just experienced it, where the Pulumi changes were simply adding some diagnostic settings to the app service and adding some app settings for a Application Insights instance. I would expect to see the ap p service restart due to the app setting changes, but not a wipe of the application code completely.. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
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For anyone else that comes across this issue - I resolved it by adding the
app setting to the app service with a value of
in Pulumi. When deploying code through VS/Rider/deployment task in ADO/GH, this setting is automatically added to ensure the application is ran from the packaged version that exists on the app service file system. As this wasn't defined in Pulumi, it was being wiped, along with the application files, leaving an empty app service.