Hi All- I'm new here and still learning Pulumi as ...
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Hi All- I'm new here and still learning Pulumi as we migrate to it, but I just wanted to express my interest in this issue and willingness to contribute. I'm having a bit of trouble at the moment following the the contributing docs after forking the repo- though I can build and install the source, the tests fail (on the master branch). Anyway, I just thought I'd check in here to see whether a fix for that issue was on the roadmap and/or whether someone could give me a boost so that I might be able to contribute 🙂
Hey Connor, thanks for your interest in contributing, and sorry for the troubles with the contrib docs. It looks like those are rather out of date, so we need to get that fixed. We don’t have this work scheduled right now, so we’d be happy to work with you on getting this fix in. I responded on https://github.com/cdibble/pulumi-kubernetes/pull/1 with some additional information. Please let me know if you have further questions!
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