Hey everyone, I've been running into an issue whe...
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Hey everyone, I've been running into an issue when deploying my stacks recently. I have several projects that use Azure-Native, and recently if I run a
pulumi refresh
and then try to run
pulumi up
I have been getting this error. Running
pulumi destroy
first allows me to successfully use
pulumi up
but it is annoying to have to do this, especially with certain resources that take a long time to remove and deploy. This also doesn't seem to happen if I don't run the
before running the up command. Can anyone provide insight into what this error is and/or what might be causing it? I am using Pulumi 3.40.1. We are deploying resources to azure using the Azure-Native and pulumi standard packages. Let me know what other information I can provide in order to diagnose this issue. Thanks in advance.
this looks like a bug, can you file an issue please?
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