Hi folks, I'm just started looking at the gcp prov...
# google-cloud
Hi folks, I'm just started looking at the gcp provider to create a container cluster. But it keeps failing on me when I want to update. Only way to make it work again is to destroy everything and create it all again.
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  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (pulumi-gke-playground-dev):
    panic: fatal: An assertion has failed: Expected diff to not require deletion or replacement during Update of urn:pulumi:dev::pulumi-gke-playground::gcp:container/cluster:Cluster::daniel-cluster
    goroutine 27 [running]:
Can you share a snippet of the code you are using to define you GKE cluster? This error typically means there is some bug in the upstream Terraform GCP provider. I have seen this in that past, but I believe all the issues I was aware of had been fixed upstream.
Here you go. I'm using the examples.