I keep receiving a ```panic: fatal: An assertion h...
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I keep receiving a
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panic: fatal: An assertion has failed: Expected diff to not require deletion or replacement during Update of urn:pulumi:production::irisvr::gcp:container/cluster:Cluster::core
whenever I try and update the
attribute of one of my GKE clusters. tried pulling detailed logs but nothing is clear to me to indicate why that's causing it to want to replace the cluster. Anyone got any tips for debugging?
Hi @abundant-airplane-93796, I received your support ticket and will respond there.
@abundant-airplane-93796 I've sent you a couple notes via our support tool. Did you receive them? Just want to make sure they didn't end up in your spam folder.
yes, sorry. I ended up working around the problem due to deadlines and complexity involved in sharing the code I have right now. This is happening with some older clusters that I plan to decommission soon, and modifying the same parameters doesn't seem to be causing an issue on the replacements.