Can anybody comment as to why it is not recommende...
# google-cloud
Can anybody comment as to why it is not recommended to use the default node pool for
and it is recommended to use
instead? I know that this is also Terraform’s recommendation but I wasn’t able to find the rationale behind it.
Did you learn anything about this? I’ve been wondering about it too…
Not really. At this point my only guess would be that if you wanted to update the node pool you can do so without having to delete-replace the cluster but that’s just an assumption. I guess that’s easily testable, though.
If the default pool is used and then subsequently changed via the cluster resource, maybe it will have to recreate the cluster?
hehe, yeah. it’s pretty easy to test these things I guess, but it still takes a lot of time and requires setting up throwaway clusters… would be nice if the docs were slightly more elaborate on this 😄