Hi everyone, I'm having trouble getting an object...
# google-cloud
Hi everyone, I'm having trouble getting an object from GCS. My code looks like:
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const bucketId = "<gs://my-bucket/my-file.json>";
const testData = gcp.storage.BucketObject.get("object-test", bucketId);
pulumi up
gives me
Preview failed: resource '<gs://my-bucket/my-file.json>' does not exist
SO it seems that Pulumi does not like the value I'm giving it as the Id. Using
I can however do:
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gsutil cat <gs://my-bucket/my-file.json>
Which works fine. The bucket object was created outside of Pulumi and is private. Any ideas what value I should be using as the ID?
You probably figured this out already, but my guess is the bucketId should be just the name of the bucket.