This should be working code from <@UE1LN7A22>. But...
# kubernetes
This should be working code from @gorgeous-egg-16927. But when I create a secret using a Docker Hub Personal Access Token as the Pulumi secret
and refer to it from my deployment, I get an error:
Failed to pull image "<my private image name here>": illegal base64 data at input byte 8
Am I still missing something?
I’m one step further: I updated the value to the base64 encoded version of
<username>:<personal access token>
. When testing locally with a
, the error is gone and I can retrieve images on my Mac. The credentials from the keychain are fully disabled. But I still can’t retrieve the private images on Kubernetes. It still has the base64 error message. According the Docker docs:
personal access tokens can now be used as a substitute for your password in Docker Hub
Solved! Note to self: first base64 encode the secret in the form of
<username>:<personal access token>
, then use that value as the
in the example above.