Hey all, have been getting my aws-typescript stack...
# kubernetes
Hey all, have been getting my aws-typescript stacks setup and running in github actions, the stack is trying to create a kubernetes deployment. Kubernetes authentication is failing on eks get-token as defined in the kubeconfig, pulumi is not using the aws-region defined in the stack config so fails to connect to the cluster. By adding AWS_DEFAULT_REGION environment variable then everything is fine, this seems like a bug or am I missing something?
in my kube config I have something like
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      - --region
      - eu-west-1
      - eks
      - get-token
      - --cluster-name
      - MyCluster
      command: aws
so I'm assuming if you don't have that you will need a env var
That looks like a better solution, have you been able to get pulumi to produce those values when creating the eks cluster? The kubeconfigs my app stacks are using come from the output from another infra stack
I think that's the line
ah actually we added role
not region XD
But that's where the code is! lmk if that helps