Hi!! I have a question! How can I import a daemons...
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Hi!! I have a question! How can I import a daemonset without specify all attributes (spec.template, spec.selector) ?
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When I try to import daemonset only with import:id , pulumi ask me all attributes to do import
I'm programming with TS in AWS environment
once you import a resource into a pulumi program, you need to flesh out the code to match the current running state
@billowy-army-68599 yes, in my stage: fist I run a k8s.apps.Daemonset.get() method to get information about existing daemonSet ...after this I try to run this code
const kubeProxy = new k8s.apps.v1.DaemonSet(
metadata: metadaObtained (this variable is obtained from k8s.DaemonSet.get method),
spec: specObtained (this variable is obtained from k8s.apps.DaemonSet.get method)
updateStrategy: spec.updateStrategy,
provider: providerK8s,
import: 'kube-system/kube-proxy',
But, Import in pulumi failed because pulumi ask me more info, for instance: in VolumeMounts, Volumes, containers. When I print data (spec, annotation) obtained from K8S.apps.daemonset.get method this output