Anyone have a preferred CI/CD setup with pulumi/ku...
# kubernetes
Anyone have a preferred CI/CD setup with pulumi/kubernetes? We have an infra repo that has infrequent changes and another service repo that is made up of a couple images and several k8s definitions. Looking for something lightweight on the setup/management as we're light on devops time atm (hiring, posted in #jobs if interested). Currently looking at github actions, codefresh, and argo. Would like to setup auto semantic versioning update of deployment images as part of the process. Would also like to tie promoting to production to release tags. For the service repo it would ideally look like: Pulumi preview and unit tests on PR, master auto deploys to testing env on update, integration tests run on testing env on update, and then promote to other environments. Github actions is probably the lightest/easiest of the options to get going but have ran in to resource / performance issues with it in the past
May want to check out the experimental #pulumi-kubernetes-operator
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