Using AWS EKS and Typescript. Is there any way to ...
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Using AWS EKS and Typescript. Is there any way to enumerate a list of IAM users from an existing IAM group? I can use the 
 method to get the group, but I'm not sure how to actually access the existing group membership. The ultimate goal is to pull in a list of users to apply specific RBAC permissions to. Is there a better way?
You can use the
method which returns details of the group but also the users in the group:
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const group = aws.iam.getGroup({
    groupName: "groupname"

export const users = group.then(x => x.users);
That worked! Thank you. I wonder why there is both a
method AND a
method. When would I use only
Actually user tenwit explained
 is a Pulumi object that loads a Pulumi group object. It isn't often useful, but occasionally you want to have a Pulumi object managed in one Project/stack, and used in a different one. This is the method that allows that.
 is a wrapper around the AWS SDK getGroup function. It doesn't return a Pulumi object, it returns a GetGroupResult. It's handy for when you want information about an object that isn't managed by Pulumi, as in this case.