hi everyone - new to pulumi, and curious whether t...
# kubernetes
hi everyone - new to pulumi, and curious whether this is a common experience for people: I am trying to manage some existing deployed charts, and am trying to import them via
pulumi import <kubernetes:helm.sh/v3:Chart> mychartname mychartname
, but keep getting
error: Preview failed: resource 'mychartname' does not exist
(despite being able to successfully import k8s resources independent from importing the chart itssself). How do others handle importing chart state?
-v 10
seem to have no impact on debuggability during import 😞
hey Gabe. Charts are one of the few resources you cannot import. The reason for this is because we don't actually create an instance of a "chart" inside the remote cluster. Pulumi's helm support templates the helm chart locally, and then applies each resource individually
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is this specific to charts, or any CustomResource? I searched all over for any expected behavior in docs, and came up empty
is there a flag that
can set on a resource that is known to be a customresource, so import can import subresources?
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