if you run `pulumi refresh` does it populate the s...
# kubernetes
if you run
pulumi refresh
does it populate the state with the IP? that status field starts out as empty and is filled (for informational purposes only) sometime after the ingress resource is created
I got a response from Pulumi support in email on this one. Apparently this is an open issue tracked here. the workaround is to call pulumi up twice, the second time with pulumi up --refresh (once the IP address has been provisioned)
Thanks Mike for your response - you were spot on about the pulumi refresh. However my concern is how to automate this - I expect pulumi to wait until resource is created and then allow me to provision subsequent dependent resources (like DNS A record for example) in the same call. If we have to split this into two calls, how am I gonna keep the wait logic outside? combination of gcloud and shell scripting loop perhaps?
this is definitely not ideal but one possibility is to create a k8s job that just loops a command and stops/comepletes once that field is populated. then have the subsequent resource depend on that job.
good thought ... will check it out .. thanks Mike
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