If I use either the AWS console or AWS CLI to crea...
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If I use either the AWS console or AWS CLI to create an Alias A record and choose a load balancer from the list, the
prefix is added automatically to the Alias Target field. When I use Pulumi to create the same record, the
prefix is not added. Am I missing the correct way to do this, or is there a plan to add it?
Hi @salmon-ghost-86211 can you give me a little sample of code that I can try and recreate this bug?
can be any FQDN for a load balancer in your account. AWSZONEID can be found in your account by manually creating an alias A record to a load balancer. Then look at that record for the
Alias Hosted Zone ID
. (Maybe there are other ways to find it, but this is quick.) The top-level
are for the record I'm creating in my custom hosted zone. It'll be different for you.
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const abcUrl = abcIngressResource.status.loadBalancer.ingress[0].hostname;

const abcDns = new aws.route53.Record("abcDns", {
  allowOverwrite: true,
  aliases: [{
      evaluateTargetHealth: false,
      name: abcUrl,
      zoneId: "AWSZONEID",
  name: "<http://abc.domain.com|abc.domain.com>",
  type: "A",
  zoneId: "MYZONEID"
@broad-dog-22463 I didn't tag you in the above reply, so I was just checking that you had seen it.
Hi @broad-dog-22463. Were you able to duplicate this?