I have a dilemma with deployment of api gateway. I...
# aws
I have a dilemma with deployment of api gateway. I am deploying rest api where methods have integrations to AWS services (dynamodb, lambda, sns, ...), so I can't use new crosswalk api for that. I want to utilize api gateway stages, so dev/qa/staging/prod stacks will deploy to corresponding stages and make new/modified api methods available for immediate testing in specific environment and I do have different method settings per stage for monitoring, logging, etc... The problem is that when I create stage in a stack along with resources and methods, other stacks fail with error, since aws detects that resource already exists, while pulumi tries to create it, but even if I create all resources in advance when I create api gateway (which I don't really like to do), it would fail on methods, since they also exist on resources, as HTTP verb is unique per resource Is there anything recommended in such case? Other ways involve using one stage, add suffixes to all api resources and override settings per method, api gateway per stack, but I need to understand if stages can be used as designed in such scenario