How does one lookup the ID for an existing resourc...
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How does one lookup the ID for an existing resource SES EmailIdentity for adoption using the
paramater? The EmailIdentity get function seems to need the ID as input. Similar issues exist for some other resources where the
method requires an ID parameter to find it, but no ID is apparent from aws-cli or from AWS Console.
Often the get functions tell you which string to use as the provider ID, but some, including this one, don't. (The docs are built from Terraform docs, maybe a PR to Terraform can resolve it long term). In the short term, I've found that the error messages have always been helpful: put in garbage for the ID and it will tell you what property or at least what format it is looking for.
Thanks, I'll try that
Looks like the ID often is the last bit of the ARN, at least for this case
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