Hi all, I am brand new to using Pulumi and am tryi...
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Hi all, I am brand new to using Pulumi and am trying to make my way through the AWS ECS Fargate tutorial. I am running into an issue and my usual strategy of googling my error is failing me. If anyone is able to help me with this error I would greatly appreciate it:
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error: Error: No 'docker' command available on PATH: Please install to use container 'build' mode.
        at /home/chris/cloud_db/setup/pulumi/node_modules/@pulumi/docker.ts:114:19
        at Generator.throw (<anonymous>)
        at rejected (/home/chris/cloud_db/setup/pulumi/node_modules/@pulumi/docker/docker.js:19:65
This happens when I try to build the image
I tried to re-install docker on my computer (ubuntu) with no improvement
When running the docker command in the same terminal your running pulumi preview or up does it see it within PATH? Maybe reinstall and restart your terminal
Or add docker manually to path
Thanks for the fast reply! I am able to use docker commands in the same terminal as I am running pulumi up, I will try to add docker to the path manually tho