Hello - I'm new to Pulumi! It's particularly inter...
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Hello - I'm new to Pulumi! It's particularly interesting to me because using the Automation API looks way better than shelling out to AWS CDK. The one problem I've noticed is that the docs omit any mention of support for AWS MediaLive, which is critical for my use case (even though it supports all its sister services like MediaPackage and MediaStore!). It seems like Terraform has the same limitation too. I'm not expecting to deploy general infrastructure through Pulumi in the near future - just simple video broadcast pipelines and a few S3 buckets. So my question is: should I just be hacking a solution with AWS CDK, or is there a workaround that would allow me to create MediaLive resources through Pulumi? I couldn't find anything in the Pulumi docs about this.
If you're using automation-api, then you can do the Pulumi stuff first and await the stack(s), then rely on the AWS SDK for bits that aren't yet within the Terraform/Pulumi SDKs...
Another option is to use a cloudformation stack from within your Pulumi app - e.g. https://www.pulumi.com/docs/reference/pkg/aws/cloudformation/stack/.
I've not used MediaLive so if it's relatively simple then the cloudformation option would be pretty easy to do and keep everything within Pulumi's "control".
The CloudFormation stack option might just do it, thanks for the idea!