01/06/2021, 8:23 PM
Quick question I setup an event source mapping from msk to Lambda (the lambda and msk are both in my VPC which was created using crosswalk with 2 public subnets and 1 private subnet
export const vpc = new awsx.ec2.Vpc('vpc', {
    subnets: [
        { type: 'public' },
        { type: 'public', name: 'test-3' },
        { type: 'private' },
    numberOfNatGateways: 2
But when I check the status of my ESM I see this message under
"PROBLEM: Connection error. Please check your event source connection configuration." After doing some digging and finding articles like I'm at a loss for what the issue is FYI: ingress/egress are both allowing all traffic for the SG, and for the VPC config for both the consumer lambda and the msk cluster I'm using the first 2 subnets
vpcConfig: {
      securityGroupIds: [],
      subnetIds: PRIVATE_SUBNETS