Is it possible to use NVME disk on EKS nodes? Is t...
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Is it possible to use NVME disk on EKS nodes? Is there anything built in?
yes, if you select the c5d.x or r5d.x family you can get the nvme disks on eks nodes. The code would go here:
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instanceType: r5d.x or c5d.x If you are using an IDE such as visual studio code the intellisense would show you the different instances types available and you can lookup if that instance supports nvme.
instanceType: ""
Hit control and then spacebar when you are in the double quotes and you will see different instance sizes.
Will the docker overlay dir will be on the NVME disk?
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const managedNodeGroup_2 = eks.createManagedNodeGroup(`${name}-managed-ng-nvme`, {
    capacityType: "SPOT",
    cluster: cluster,
    nodeGroupName: `${name}-managed-ng-nvme`,
    nodeRoleArn: cluster.instanceRoles[0].arn,
    subnetIds: vpc.privateSubnetIds,
    scalingConfig: {
        desiredSize: 1,
        minSize: 1,
        maxSize: 2,
    diskSize: 50,
    instanceType: ["r5d.large","r5d.xlarge"],
    labels: {"preemptible": "true"},
    tags: [{"org": "pulumi"},
        {"nodeGroupName": `${name}-managed-ng-nvme`}
}, cluster);
Tried this.. didn’t worked as expected. It gave me
not sure why 😮