I'm stumped and could use some help. I am getting ...
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I'm stumped and could use some help. I am getting this error on one of my Pulumi projects, but not others
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error: Preview failed: 1 error occurred:
        * error configuring Terraform AWS Provider: no valid credential sources for Terraform AWS Provider found.
I followed a recent thread and set a bunch of config variables, but that doesn't help
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aws:profile                    xxxxxx
aws:region                     us-east-1
aws:skipCredentialsValidation  false
aws:skipGetEc2Platforms        false
aws:skipMetadataApiCheck       false
aws:skipRegionValidation       false
I'm using Pulumi 2.23.1. Tried going back a few versions, but that didn't help either. I know the credentials from the aws:profile work because I can use them with awscli.
Where are you running this from? Your machine, an EC2 instance, some other CI system?
My machine
Can you post the code that's causing the error please
@brave-planet-10645 Thanks for indulging me. I found the problem by using
pulumi stack export
The stack was using an old AWS profile for credentials that I had since deleted. I was able to change the profile by editing the json and re-importing.
Wish somewhere in the messages there was a notification about the old profile