Hey guys, I'm trying to create an EKS managed node...
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Hey guys, I'm trying to create an EKS managed node group with taints. I've added the taints to the nodeGroupOptions argument of the cluster. But when I create a managed node group with eks.createManagedNodeGroup, the taints don't appear on the nodes. Any hints? I'm using typescript. Thanks
I’m also in the process of implementing managed node groups. Initially I tried using the
function, but found it was exhibiting weird behavior. If you update to the latest version of
you’ll find that they’ve added the
class. A lot of weird behavior I was seeing was resolved after swapping the function for the updated class. Good luck.
Hi @bitter-toddler-22112, did you manage to make that work? If so can you share your experience? I'm trying to taint my GPU node group.
Hi @chilly-noon-57744, unfortunately not. If you are successful, please let me know 🙂
@bitter-toddler-22112 I noticed that I was using the
instead of the
that @quick-garden-9190 mentioned above. I haven't tried yet since I have some other issues to tackle before. I found this on pulumi docs. The plan is to add new nodegroups using the correct class and drain the old ones.
it's just super confusing that there's two classes. In my case, someone else wrote the cluster and I was inspecting the code for
trying to find a solution instead of searching the docs.