Hey ya'll :wave: I've got a set of ECS services an...
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Hey ya'll 👋 I've got a set of ECS services and task definitions defined via Pulumi. I'd like to integrate those into a deploy process when a new docker image is available. Should I be using Pulumi to do this? Currnetly, every time I run
pulumi up
, it replaces all the container definitions and thus triggers a deploy to the ECS service, even if the docker image itself hasn't changed. I'm not sure why Pulumi is thinking something has changed. This is making me wonder if I should even be doing this, or should I be updating the task definition separately for deploys?
Theres an outstanding issue with pulumi docker when building images. If you use a different box to deploy it diffs the image sha and its always diff on diff boxes. Honestly would consider it a large bug since containers are the hype currently