hi room, i am seeing `pulumi up` trying to replace...
# aws
hi room, i am seeing
pulumi up
trying to replace my current-state aws providers with an older provider version (even though i have the newer version of the plugin installed) … wondering how this is controlled and how i can get my
pulumi up
to not downgrade my providers (details in thread)
provider code :-
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providers = {}
for region in itplat_allregions_list:
    providers[region] = aws.Provider(region, region=region)
just providing providers named by region we can iterate over as required
we use providers this way as we have resources duplicated in various groupings of regions
so we can as a pseudocode example
for region in list: create bucket s3:myregional_bucket_<region> provider=<region>
Check your library dependencies?
npm check-updates -u
or equivalent?
im in python land
pip list shows
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pulumi            3.3.1
pulumi-aws        4.6.0
pulumi-eks        0.30.0
pulumi-kubernetes 3.1.0`
so the bit that has me confused is… i have read in the past that pulumi up will install all the latest plugins
so when i run pulumi up i would think it shoudl update pulumi-aws in my venv
but i just upgraded manually pulumi-aws in my venv and yeah it is no longer trying to downgrade… thanks @little-cartoon-10569
The plugins and the libraries often share numbers, but they're not the same.
You need to upgrade the language clients (libraries). Generally, Pulumi looks after the provider binaries (plugins).