Hi! When I modify RDS instance class, Pulumi tries...
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Hi! When I modify RDS instance class, Pulumi tries to delete and replace my instance. this will make my tables in my db disappear. I need to modify my instance as AWS make ... only update... someone tried to do this?
can you share your code? some properties in RDS are immutable, ie they can only be changed by a replace
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import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi";
import * as aws from "@pulumi/aws";

const _default = new aws.rds.Cluster("cluster-at", {
    clusterIdentifier: "cluster-test", // --> I want to change identifier
    availabilityZones: [
    databaseName: "foo",
    masterUsername: "bar",
    masterPassword: "*******",
const clusterInstances: aws.rds.ClusterInstance[];
for (const range = {value: 0}; range.value < 2; range.value++) {
    clusterInstances.push(new aws.rds.ClusterInstance(`clusterInstances-${range.value}`, {
        identifier: `aurora-cluster-test-${range.value}`,
        clusterIdentifier: _default.id,
        instanceClass: "db.r4.medium",
        engine: _default.engine,
        engineVersion: _default.engineVersion,
I want to change identifier and instance class in cluster instances
you cannot change the name/identifier of a resource without creating a new resource, this is a limitation of the AWS API
Ok! I tried only change instance class and it worked!! thank you @billowy-army-68599
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