Since upgrading to `@pulumi/aws` v4.10 we have got...
# aws
Since upgrading to
v4.10 we have got. Any ideas?
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aws:elasticache:ReplicationGroup (news-shared-branch-deploys):
    error: aws:elasticache/replicationGroup:ReplicationGroup resource 'news-shared-branch-deploys' has a problem: engine_version: Redis versions must match <major>.x when using version 6 or higher, or <major>.<minor>.<bug-fix>. Examine values at 'ReplicationGroup.EngineVersion'.
Here is the code
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const redisResource = new Redis(
        engine: 'redis',
        engineVersion: '6.x',
        AZs: privateAZs,
        subnetIds: privateSubnetIds,
        securityGroups: [
        provider: deploymentProvider,
        awsRegion: 'ap-southeast-2',
        awsRole: getRoleArnToAssume(),
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I'm assuming you're using something like a component resource to abstract over the ReplicationGroup resource, but I've just run this and it worked with no problems:
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const rg= new aws.elasticache.ReplicationGroup("rg", {
    availabilityZones: [
    replicationGroupDescription: "my replication group",
    engineVersion: "6.x",
    engine: "redis",
    numberCacheClusters: 1,
    nodeType: "cache.t3.micro"
That's with the latest version of the Pulumi CLI and v4.0.0 of the AWS package
What about with 4.1 of the aws package?
that worked too
Just trying 4.10 now
Seems to be working. What's the underlying code in the Redis component resource?
I think we have got to the bottom of it. Caused the engine version to be 6.0.5 in state, with the provider update it needs to be 6.x in state, otherwise preview fails
Or something similar
Fix was export state, change engine version to be 6.x again, import, then it works