hey :wave: I am using Pulumi to set up a VPC in a...
# aws
hey 👋 I am using Pulumi to set up a VPC in aws like so:
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const vpc = new awsx.ec2.Vpc("eks-vpc", {
        cidrBlock: "",
        numberOfAvailabilityZones: "all",
I believe this makes a public and private subnet per AZ, so in my case that's 3 of each. I'd like to change my cidr block to be
- when i do this and run the changes, it seems that it fails because the internet gateway can't be detached from the VPC - which I have narrowed down to the fact that each NAT gateway has a public IP associated to them that should probably be removed first:
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  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (bravissimo-platform-ec2-vpc):
    error: update failed
  aws:ec2:InternetGateway (eks-vpc):
    error: 1 error occurred:
        * updating urn:pulumi:vpc::bravissimo-platform-ec2::awsx:x:ec2:Vpc$awsx:x:ec2:InternetGateway$aws:ec2/internetGateway:InternetGateway::eks-vpc: 1 error occurred:
        * Error waiting for internet gateway (igw-03ec74c6df2e8bd83) to detach: timeout while waiting for state to become 'detached' (last state: 'detaching', timeout: 15m0s)
Am I missing something here?
I'm not sure I've seen this particular case before. Would you mind opening an issue in https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-awsx on this? It may be the case based on your suggestion that there is an implicit dependency that is not being captured correctly.