Not specifically for azure but more Azure Devops I...
# azure
Not specifically for azure but more Azure Devops I run an npm script as shorthand for
pulumi up
, (e.g.
npm run up
) which does
pulumi up --yes --policy-pack ./policy-pack-here
When I run this in an Azure Devops pipeline using the npm custom script, it fails with
error: getting secrets manager: passphrase must be set with PULUMI_CONFIG_PASSPHRASE environment variable
which is strange since the environment variable is set (and
pulumi version
works in a different step) Question, why would the environment variable not be propagating down to the npm task, is this expected?
Debugging tip: Try displaying the env variable right before the npm task and, if possible, within the npm script. Set 'System.Debug' to 'true' as well. Let me know what you find.
Thanks, I can do
and it prints the contents fine to the console
I've now moved to the default provider anyway which works as the passphrase is broken in the 2.8.0 upgrade