Has anyone ever created AzureNextgen Budget resour...
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Has anyone ever created AzureNextgen Budget resource, getting this error:
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azure-nextgen:consumption/latest:Budget (budget):
    error: pollingTrackerBase#pollForStatus: failed to send HTTP request: StatusCode=0 -- Original Error: Get "<https://costmanagement.trafficmanager.net/subscriptions/393dab78-686f-41be-b9d5-f244fb11eba7/resourcegroups/hub-rg/providers/Microsoft.Consumption/budgets/hub?api-version=2019-10-01>": local error: tls: no renegotiation
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new azure_nextgen.consumption.latest.Budget(
    amount: 900,
    budgetName: config.appName,
    category: 'Cost',
    filter: {
      and: [
          dimensions: {
            name: 'ResourceId',
            operator: 'In',
            values: [config.resourceGroup.id]
    notifications: {
      Actual_GreaterThan_80_Percent: {
        contactEmails: ['<mailto:fedya@skitsko.com|fedya@skitsko.com>'],
        enabled: true,
        operator: 'GreaterThan',
        threshold: 80
    scope: config.resourceGroup.id,
    timeGrain: 'Monthly',
    timePeriod: {
      startDate: '2020-11-01T00:00:00Z'
  { parent: config.resourceGroup }
it sounds like pulumi tries to poll the status of budget and fail on tls
also, this resource is not available in old Azure provider
@tall-librarian-49374 if you have a minute, I will appreciate to have your feedback 😉
Yeah… sounds like we need to debug/fix the HTTP chain here. Could you please create an issue?