Hi everyone! I am working on a test project in Azu...
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Hi everyone! I am working on a test project in Azure DevOps Classic where my goal is to create resources via Pulumi Azure Pipeline Tasks and then destroy them. I am currently using the pulumi.access.token variable which has the token value created from Pulumi, to allow unattended use of my account in this pipeline. reading the documentation, i wanted to try to use the connection services as proposed but i don't see what type to use when i create it. here are the documentation links: https://www.pulumi.com/blog/cd-made-easy-with-pulumi-and-azure-pipelines/, https://www.pulumi.com/docs/guides/continuous-delivery/azure-devops/ so this is not a problem but more a request for guidance, thanks in advance!
Hi @some-ram-70663, are you referring to a service connection to Azure? If so, you can use the instructions in the link to create a service connection and in the Azure DevOps task you can reference it using the
input on the task. This will then be the identity used to create Azure resources in your Pulumi code.